Monday, May 7, 2012

Sally Hansen Creamy Olive

Sally Hansen Creamy Olive

Creamy Olive is a greyish-olive creme that takes 3 coats to become opaque and dried to a nice shine. The formula was great as the polish flowed on nicely, though I needed a third coat to cover some blotches and was a bit thick. The dry time was alright, nothing special. I loved the brush since it was able to pick up a good amount of polish so I didn't have to go back and again to pick up more as I was polishing. I bought this lemming on clearance and I could see a little separation in the polish. The slight thickness that I encountered was probably because the polish was a little old. However, I'm still very happy that I was able to get my hands on this little one! ^_^

*Creamy Olive is a dupe of OPI Stranger Tides, Essie Da Bush, and Sinful Colors Seaweed. I only have Seaweed of those three dupes and, I have to say, I prefer Creamy Olive because the formula is sooo much better. 

On another note, I'm really sorry about the lack of posts. I had finals and a little summer break. Now, I'm doing an online histology class in order to get ahead of a lot of people and get more credits. After that, I'm going to have another little summer break before I take ochem at a university. Then I make the long journey to my college, move in, and start another grueling school year. x__x Posts may become irregular as posting every day is sometimes a pain and I haven't been very inspired to write these posts lately. :( On the bright side, my dad got a new camera and I will be able to use it! The quality is very good, but I'm still learning how to take good pictures with it.

Please stay tuned because I bought some really nice polishes around two weeks ago! I'm sure you guys will be pleased!

See you guys on the other side of the day!

- M

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