Friday, May 25, 2012

Orly Fowl Play

In direct light:


Orly Fowl Play

Fowl Play is a very complex polish. It is a reddish-eggplant jelly loaded with silver shimmer, blue glitter, and flakies that flash red, orange, yellow, and green. It takes 3 coats to become opaque and dries with a nice gloss and smooth, albeit a little bumpy, finish. Formula was good, though it dried a bit slowly and was a little thick. This, however, keeps Fowl Play from being another Androgynie because the thickness keeps the flakies and blue glitter well suspended in the bottle and well dispersed on the nail. I'll let the bottle close-up pictures do most of the talking. Fowl Play is one polish you definitely need in your collection!

The blue glitter is more dense, though not packed, than pictured here.

Get ready for some nail art Saturday! See you guys on the other side of the day!

- M

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