Thursday, December 31, 2015

Le Lacquer Hook Up Turns 4!: Revlon Plum Seduction + Essie Penny Talk


Le Lacquer Hook Up turns 4 today! I can't believe how long this journey has been, and how long I've been doing this hobby! Though nowadays I've been destashing to achieve a more "normal"-sized collection, I'm still very much in love with nail polish: the array of colors, finishes, and endless possibilities that only exponentiate with nail decorations, stamping, and acrylic paints! Thank you for joining me on this journey. I hope to continue it as long as I enjoy it.

I've finally updated the blog's design to celebrate! I really like the minimalist/modern theme since it's the sharp, clean look I've been wanting.

Revlon Plum Seduction is a vibrant pinky plum crelly. It looks far pinker in the swatch since it's actually a bit of a deeper purple in real life. It's a very pretty berry shade, and was perfect for the holidays! 2 coats, but it was super close to being a one-coater. The formula was AMAZING. It was super easy to apply, very pigmented, and dried shiny. No top coat. I can say no more, except that I totally recommend this polish!

Essie Penny Talk (accent nail) is a rose gold chrome. 3 coats. Because it was a chrome, it was difficult to apply. I had to make sure not to go over areas more than once and to paint quickly because the paint would curl up and come off once it was partly dried. (Chromes dry fast!) Brush strokes also showed once it dried, though that could be remedied by sponging on the polish to blur the strokes. But the great thing with chromes is that they're wonderful as stamping polishes! I think I'll start using Penny Talk more for stamping, though I think it's still great for the occasional accent nail. With top coat.

Thanks for looking! Happy New Year!


Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Les Nail Smiths: October 2015 - Halloween Fun & November 2015 - Plaid

I found my manicures for LNS October 2015 and November 2015! ^_^ I'm so happy!

October 2015 - Halloween Fun:

This manicure reminded me why I don't free-hand often... Sigh. So much potential in my mind, but a fail on my nails. Well, gold star for trying! :D

Nail polishes used:

OPI Don't Violet Me Down
LA Girl Uninhibited
Sinful Colors Citrine
Sinful Colors Snow Me White
Kiss Black Striper

Please be sure to check out Millie's Halloween Fun nails!

November 2015 - Plaid:

Stamping is fun, but quite the hassle to clean up. (Especially cleaning the plates!) I'm going to make it a New Year's blog resolution to stamp more, though, because I need the practice and it's such easy nail art.

Nail polishes used:

Innisfree #116
Essie Little Brown Dress

Supplies used:

Gold striping tape (Born Pretty Store)
Gold microbeads (Born Pretty Store)
Flat-back pearl (Born Pretty Store)
Brown and clear rhinestones (Born Pretty Store)
Moyou London Hipster Plate Collection 06

Please be sure to check out Millie's plaid nails!

Thanks for looking! See you on the other side of the day!


Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Les Nail Smiths: December 2015 - Glass Nails

Yes, finally another LNS installment on here! I couldn't post October and November's in time because of midterms and then studying for finals. And when I did, I misplaced the pictures. -_- I shall post them soon! But anyway, for this month's LNS, Millie and I decided to do glass nails. It was a huge trend in South Korea not too long ago, and then slowly trickled down here. Instead of using a mylar sheet to get this look, I used some tape from Hoop Supplies. I will make a separate review post soon (hopefully)!

Polishes used:

Essie Sugar Daddy
Essie Penny Talk (accent nail)


Gold microbeads
Pearlized in White 1-in Wide

Pro Tips: I recommend using small scissors (such as those for trimming long eyebrow hairs) to cut the pearlized tape into small shapes. Small pieces also conform to the nail better and wear longer. I learned both the hard way...

I really enjoyed wearing this look! The sheer pink added a great minimalist feel and balanced the look out. Additionally, Penny Talk is a beautiful rose gold polish. Please be sure to check out Millie's glass nails as well!

Thanks for looking! See you on the other side of the day!


Saturday, December 26, 2015

KBShimmer Snow Much Fun


KBShimmer Snow Much Fun is a very pretty light blue jelly that has matte white snowflakes, circles, and hexes, along with holographic aqua hexes and holographic microglitter. 3 coats. The formula was thin and a bit runny. The snowflakes were hard to get out so I had to set the bottle upside-down. It dried a bit bumpy because the snowflakes wouldn't bend to match the curve of my nails so I used top coat to try to smooth it out.

Thanks for looking! See you on the other side of the day!


Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Neverland Lacquers Dreaming of a Pink Christmas + Oh My Christmas


I admit, these are long overdue swatches. I was procrastinating on posting these because they're no longer available and Neverland Lacquers no longer makes polishes, but I think the world still deserves to see these beauties!

Dreaming of a Pink Christmas

Dreaming of a Pink Christmas is a darling mix of pink-gold shimmer and iridescent square, holo and matte hex, dot, and snowflake glitters in pink, silver, and white in a white crelly base. It's BRIMMING with shimmer, which makes me so so happy! :) I used 3 coats. The formula was good and easy to apply, though I found it easier to dab on the snowflakes and medium-sized hexes and dots. I set the bottle upside-down before swatching, which made application easy since I didn't have to fish for the snowflakes. It dried bumpy so I used top coat to smooth it out.

Dreaming of a Pink Christmas was released under Neverland Lacquers' former name, Pop Culture Cosmetics.

Oh My Christmas

Oh My Christmas has star, snowflake, bell, snowmen, pine tree, candy cane, dot, and hex glitters in red, green, white, gold, and silver metallic and holo glitters in a clear base. Talk about a jolly ole glitterbomb! 8D I used 1 coat over Maybelline Walk in the Park. The formula was good and really jam-packed with glitter. I found it easiest to lay down a coat of the small glitters and then use a wooden stick to pick off the large glitters from the brush and place them onto the nail. While I was able to get a majority of the large glitters, the snowmen glitter proved elusive. :( It dried bumpy and some of the large glitters wouldn't lay flatly so I used a top coat to smooth everything out.

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Monday, December 14, 2015

Nails Inc. Porchester Square


Nails Inc. Porchester Square is a pink-toned taupe creme. You can see the shades of beige, lilac, and grey that come together to create this particular taupe in certain lighting. 2 coats. The formula was superb - very creamy and easy to apply. With top coat, although it was shiny on its own.

Thanks for looking! See you on the other side of the day!


Monday, December 7, 2015

Essie Delicacy


Essie Delicacy is a sheer, yellow-toned peach with very subtle blue or pale lilac shimmer. I didn't expect to like this color so much, but there you go! I used 1 coat to make my nails look clean and maintained. I think it would need 3-4 coats to become opaque. The formula was good, but a bit thin. I didn't find it hard to apply though. It dried very shiny, but it didn't look "smooth" because of the shimmer. With top coat. (Pardon the smudge on my pinky. I didn't realize until it was too late.)

Thanks for looking! See you on the other side of the day!


Sunday, December 6, 2015

How I Destashed My Once-Huge Collection

For the past several months, I have been destashing my once-huge collection and selling the destashed polishes at school. I once had 500+, but have dwindled it considerably to 200+. My end goal is to reach the double digits. I'd say 50 is a good number, but 20 is my ideal number. (Yup, never going to happen! I just know it.) A while ago, a few ladies in a facebook group I'm in requested that I should do a post on how I was able to declutter so many polishes. Since then, I have been writing this post. I wanted to make sure I hit all the points I needed to and provide actually good tips, along with my thought process throughout the decluttering. Get ready because this is going to be a long post!

Firstly, I started (and still am) watched dozens of youtube videos of people destashing polishes. The best videos are ones in which the youtuber destashed a large portion of her collection, and had no qualms about doing so. This is the most important part of destashing. You cannot be attached to your polishes if you want to downsize your collection. This is why it has literally taken me months to destash. Another thing that helped me was that destashing became easier as the process continued over time. Not to mention I felt very gratified and was earning money as I destashed.

My favorite destash video, which I have watched twice now:

My second favorite. She really goes all out, and has no regrets doing so!:

Secondly, figure out WHY you want to destash and what questions you need to ask yourself as you're picking out polishes to get rid of. It's important to also have the motivation to destash. (This may be obvious to some, but I just wanted to mention it for those who are really having a difficult time destashing.) Also, shoutout to my polish-addicted friend, Millie, for helping me remain determined throughout the process!

These were the questions I asked myself as I was going through my polishes, one by one:

1. Do I like the color?
2. Is it a good formula?
3. Will I wear it more than twice?
4. Does it give off the same effect as another polish I have, but like more?
5. Does it have any kind of significance? (i.e. was a gift or a remembrance of a day, outing, or period of time)

For polishes I ended up giving away even though I thought it was really pretty or had some kind of significance, I made cabochons out of them. I'm going to display them in a glass container once I have my own place. So, it's like I still have those polishes with me. (I bought the cabochons from etsy.)

Thirdly, give yourself time. This is not something you can rush into and finish quickly. I've decluttered before with this mindset, but it has never worked (for me at least). I always ended up restashing many or all of the polishes I destashed.

Finally, accept yourself for wanting to destash and every destashing decision you make. Otherwise, all is for naught.


1. Mentally prepare yourself to destash by watching people destash.
2. It can help to have a friend who understands the addiction of nail polish and can keep you motivated throughout the process.
3. Figure out your own requirements on whether or not a polish stays.
4. Take your time. I cannot stress this enough. Time plays a huge factor in loosening your attachments and increasing the ease and need (the "mindset") of destashing.
5. Be okay with yourself and your decisions. Throughout my destash I have restashed and destashed, sometimes the same polishes too. And that's okay. You just need to constantly keep your end goal in mind.

I really hope this helps you if you're on a destashing journey!

As always, thanks for reading! See you on the other side of the day!


Friday, December 4, 2015

My Picks for Winter

Ho ho ho, here comes my picks for winter! (Sorry, I couldn't resist.) Many of my picks are blue or berry-toned, which makes sense as I always think of silvery blue icicles and cranberry juice this time of year.

Left to right in first photo:

Misa A Sin Worth Committing // deep blue shimmer
Butter London No More Waity, Katie // grey jelly with lavender glitter
Essie Leading Lady // deep, berry red with magenta glitter
Modi #203 // pale blue glitter texture
Revlon Midnight Sparkle // navy blue jelly with silver glitter
Zoya Dove // pale grey creme
Colors by Llarowe The Mighty Red Baron // intense red with subtle holo
Daiso Plum Red // berry creme
Revlon Cherries in the Snow // deep, pinky red creme
Zoya Stevie // pale violet glitter texture - reminiscent of sugared plums
Sephora by OPI Step Off, Sister! // silver and blue glitter

Thanks for looking! See you on the other side of the day!


Wednesday, December 2, 2015

My Favorite Nudes

The right nude polish is always hard to find because there's so many variations in tones and opacity. So, here are my favorite nudes in my collection. There's a good mix of tones and variations here - peachy, pink and yellow tones; opacity; and finishes.

Deborah Lippmann Naked, Rescue Beauty Lounge Oh Slap!, Elle Vintage Charm, Julep Phyllis

Barry M Ballerina, Daiso Nude Base, Essence Sweet as Candy, Wet 'n Wild 2% Milk, Formula X Marvelous

Essie Sugar Daddy, Delicacy, Topless & Barefoot, and Lion Around

OPI Samoan Sand, Tickle My France-y, and Don't Burst My Bubble

What are your favorite nudes in your collection?

Thanks for looking! See you on the other side of the day!