Friday, January 27, 2012

Heads Up! & Color Club Artsy Crafty

I'm sorry for not posting every week as I had said! School is now back in full swing and I feel as though I may fall off it! Bio midterm next Friday (1 of the 3 bio midterms given out) and an essay due a few days after. But I also have things like labs, chemistry lecture, and GE to worry about too. I have a different bio professor this semester and I'm freaking out about how his tests will be (although he is considered "the easiest one" and he, himself, told me his tests were just multiple choice and free responses... Ahhh! Paranoid parrot right here!) Anyways, please forgive me if I can't post weekly (even one post a week seems too hard). I'm also working on my light box; I just need some tracing paper and I'll be done!

Fortunately, I have something in store for you guys in the next several weeks! :D I hope you guys will enjoy it as much as I do!

Now here's my NOTW...

Color Club Artsy Crafty

Color Club Artsy Crafty is a dark, dusty green creme. I love it! In some lights, it has the tendency to either look black or a very dusty almost-black green. I've gotten many compliments from my friends. Before putting on top coat, Artsy Crafty was already extremely shiny and reflective. So much so, that I could see myself on my nails. The polish flowed smoothly on the nail and the brush was thin and easy to control. I needed 2 thick-ish coats; 3 thin coats would have been better, but I was too impatient (a bad trait of mine :( ). I've come to expect great quality from Color Club and buy collections whenever I find them at Ross. Plus, a whole collection is only $7.99 there!

This manicure is already a day old so there is a little tip wear. The chips are most likely from the base coat (1 coat Color Club Vitabase, 1 coat Color Club Clear) and the top coat (1 coat Color Club Clear). As evidenced, the polishes aren't actual base and top coats at all. I just don't want to bother with buying them right now (too stressed and poor).

Sorry for the poor picture quality! As I mentioned, I'm still making my light box so I have to resort to using my mac webcam. The color, though, is actually pretty accurate, but the polish is actually more green when viewed in sunlight. Look how shiny it is!

See you guys on the other side of the day!

- M

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Franken - Strawberry Glaze

This morning I was looking through my old polishes to see which ones I should throw away (Don't throw nail polish in the regular trash! It has a lot of toxic chemicals so you have to discard it "properly". You probably go somewhere where they accept these kinds of toxic trash. By the way, computers are toxic too!)  I was going to throw away two old Revlon polishes, but then I decided to mix one of them (Revlon Wild Berries) with an old Claire's polish that was already in the trash pile (Paper Doll Little Dipper). When I mixed 1 drop of Wild Berries with several of Little Dipper, a beautiful reddish-pink with gold glitter appeared. So I asked myself, "Why throw some of these nail polishes away when they're still good for frankening?" I totally forgot about frankening. :x

Revlon Wild Berries, Paper Doll Little Dipper (not pictured because I thought it would be a fail franken since it was my first time making one)

Revlon Wild Berries was a red creme with lots of pink in it... A magenta color? I used roughly 1/3 of a full bottle.
Paper Doll Little Dipper was a pale pink with glitter that flashed mainly gold and a little orange and shimmer that flashed purple. I used roughly 1/2-1/3 of the bottle. I'm not too sure because inside the bottle some of the polish dried up and caked on the bottle; outside the bottle it seemed like there was 1/3 of the polish left.

Click to see the pretty franken and a thumb swatch! :)