Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Franken - Strawberry Glaze

This morning I was looking through my old polishes to see which ones I should throw away (Don't throw nail polish in the regular trash! It has a lot of toxic chemicals so you have to discard it "properly". You probably go somewhere where they accept these kinds of toxic trash. By the way, computers are toxic too!)  I was going to throw away two old Revlon polishes, but then I decided to mix one of them (Revlon Wild Berries) with an old Claire's polish that was already in the trash pile (Paper Doll Little Dipper). When I mixed 1 drop of Wild Berries with several of Little Dipper, a beautiful reddish-pink with gold glitter appeared. So I asked myself, "Why throw some of these nail polishes away when they're still good for frankening?" I totally forgot about frankening. :x

Revlon Wild Berries, Paper Doll Little Dipper (not pictured because I thought it would be a fail franken since it was my first time making one)

Revlon Wild Berries was a red creme with lots of pink in it... A magenta color? I used roughly 1/3 of a full bottle.
Paper Doll Little Dipper was a pale pink with glitter that flashed mainly gold and a little orange and shimmer that flashed purple. I used roughly 1/2-1/3 of the bottle. I'm not too sure because inside the bottle some of the polish dried up and caked on the bottle; outside the bottle it seemed like there was 1/3 of the polish left.

Click to see the pretty franken and a thumb swatch! :)

Strawberry Glaze (I used Little Dipper's bottle, instead of pouring the franken into an empty bottle)

The last picture makes Strawberry Glaze seem like a holo; it's not. I guess it shows up like it is because of how the sun rays strike the glitter. (It would be such a pretty holo though! >_< ) The glitter was extremely hard to capture.

2 coats, no topcoat

The glitter is actually more apparent than the shimmer in real life. It's too bad it was so hard for my camera to capture it. :( The first two pictures were taken in a room where the sun doesn't shine as brightly as the last two, but you can see the gold-flashing glitter better. In the last picture, you can see how gritty the glitter is. Boo!

Since these were old polishes, the formula weren't that great anymore (especially with Little Dipper). The shimmer in Little Dipper gave Strawberry Glaze a shimmery finish, overpowering Wild Berries' creme finish. The glitter is also very gritty and the overall polish color was pinker than what I initially mixed on the notecard (which was more red with evenly spaced glitter), but I'm still very happy with my first franken attempt. :) I named it Strawberry Glaze because it short of reminded me of China Glaze Strawberry Fields (which is actually a lighter pink than this and with gold shimmer instead of glitter).

I hope everyone has a good rest of the day!

- M

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