Friday, May 18, 2012

Hawaiian Flowers Manicure

In my make-shift "light box" without natural light

With natural light

I was getting pretty bored of swatching lately and have been studying for an online lab exam this whole week (bleh!). I was looking at Chalkboard Nails (one of the many bloggers I follow) and found this awesome, super easy manicure! I also watched MrCandiipants' tutorial which was linked on that post. (MrCandiipants has looooads more cool manis on her tumblr. Check it out! ...And yes, I also follow her now too. ) I originally wanted to use only two colors for the flowers like the original and to save time, but I couldn't decide which pink to use so I used both! :D YEAH!

For my second time at nail art, I think this is actually pretty good! At first, I didn't think my mani looked so swell after doing it because of that humungous darker pink flower on my ring finger (a blob of paint fell off the brush :( ) and my messed-up leaves (have no idea how to shadow leaves). Or maybe I'm too much of a perfectionist... These pictures make me think I did a great job, though. *gives herself a pat on the back*

And sorry for the messy mani. I just couldn't wait to post it up!

What I used: 

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Strengthener (as a base coat) 1 coat
Sally Hansen White On 2 coats

Flowers, from left to right:
Color Club Poptastic
Color Club Warhol
Color Club Almost Famous

I will eventually do swatches of these Color Clubs. They are from the Poptastic Collection Summer 2010. As far as I know, you can purchase Color Club collections at Ross (if you're lucky enough to find them!) for a really cheap price (I think I paid $8 for this collection, but I'm not sure). A steal, huh?

Anthers (the dots on the flowers... Thank you, general bio!):
Migi Nail Art Pen Yellow Creme
Migi Nail Art Pen Red Creme

I will do a review on these soon. I just need to use them a bit more (which means more nail art! yay!) and see how the rest perform.

Essence Lime Up!
Migi Nail Art Pen Green Creme

If you guys are wondering, these were taken with my dad's old digital camera. Maybe I can ask to have it and finally own a camera?! :D

By the way... If anyone is having trouble following new blogs that you've found because of Blogger's new format (like I did... :x), just go to your blogger homepage and look for the bar to the left of the area that shows followed-blog updates. There should be a button above "All Blogs" that says "Add". I just added some new blogs to my blog list and apparently you can add wordpress- and typepad-based blogs too! (I don't think Blogger had that option before.)

I hope you guys have an awesome weekend! See you guys on the other side of the day!

- M

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