Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sally Hansen Yellow Kitty

Sally Hansen Yellow Kitty

Yellow Kitty is a yellow creme and is very sheer, requiring 4 coats to become opaque. She is one of my first polishes in my collection and this is why I baby her. Other than how sheer Yellow Kitty is, the formula was fine. It wasn't runny or hard to apply and it dried to a nice shine. Contrary to what's seen in the picture, Yellow Kitty is much softer, does not have a greenish tint, and has a tendency to look stark against my pale skin. I think she's much prettier in real life. Yellow Kitty is part of Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure line and I know many people do not like the brushes in this line because of the paddle-like design. I love it, though, because I believe it makes application much easier for me. However, it sometimes puts too much polish on my nail, making it hard to control.

Yellow Kitty's story: I saw a swatch online of a very pretty banana yellow polish. I found out that it was Yellow Kitty and went out to buy it. This was before I knew of the world of swatches and how yellows usually have bad pigmentation/opacity. I am still on the hunt for a pretty, pale banana yellow. However, I will always baby Yellow Kitty. (Probably because I adore cats too!)

See you guys on the other side of the day!

- M

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  1. I love yellow polish because yellow is my favorite color! But I do agree that yellow is hard to make opaque with just a few coats. I really like that shade though. I think an opaque canary yellow might be really pretty for spring/summer. :) <3