Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Julep Mila

1 coat of Julep Mila over 1 coat of OPI Samoan Sand

3 coats of Julep Mila over 1 coat of OPI Samoan Sand

Mila consists of multicolored fine glitter and is like a fine glitter version of Milani Gems. It looks like it's heavy on the silver glitter, but it actually has a fairly equal ratio of every color. Mila is SO pretty! You have to see her in real life to believe it! Mila can be used as a layering polish with 1 coat or built up to opacity with 3 coats. The formula was nice to work with and the glitter was easy to apply. Mila dried relatively quickly and a teensy bit gritty. It's nothing a thin coat of top coat can't fix though!

Mila was included in the Julep Maven July 2012 "It Girl" box. You can sign up for Julep Maven using my referral link.

See you guys on the other side of the day!

- M


  1. I have a weakness for multicolored glitter!

    1. Then definitely check out Milani Gems if you haven't done so already! It's awesome!

  2. Ah I feel like a magpie but I just cannot stop looking at those nails - such a beautiful polish!