Friday, July 6, 2012

Julep America The Beautiful

1 coat of Julep America the Beautiful over 1 coat of OPI Samoan Sand

3 coats of Julep America the Beautiful over 1 coat of OPI Samoan Sand

America the Beautiful is a beautiful mix of fine red, multi-sized blue, small silver, and silver star glitters in a clear base. The star glitters are very sparse so, sadly, I managed to get only one (and it is hiding on my ring finger). It applied easily, except for the star glitter; you need to fish them out and dab them onto your nails. I really like how fast it dried, though it was a little gritty and dull. However, a top coat will easily fix those problems!  America the Beautiful is sheer enough to be a layering polish, as in the first picture, or can be built up to opacity. I personally prefer it as a layering polish because I don't want to waste such a gem! 

America the Beautiful was included, free, in the Julep Maven July 2012 boxes only for U.S. residents, but it could be bought as an add-on. You can sign up for Julep Maven using my referral link

How would you wear America the Beautiful?

See you guys on the other side of the day!

- M


  1. i knew it! those stars are a joke >.<

    1. They really are. The only other one I spotted was on the bottom of the bottle. -_- I'm sure there a little more hidden somewhere in there though...