Saturday, July 5, 2014

El Ala

El ala: (Spanish) noun. wing

Several weeks ago, I met up with two of my closest high school friends. It was wonderful to see them both again, and I'm so happy that they are well and doing what they want to in their lives! :D They have decided to take Life by its hand and run with it into the future, the unknown.

One of my friends was able to sleepover for the night. Of course, we decided to do our nails late at night. (I need to stop doing that with my friends... Sleeping at 3 am is only good during the school year because you can squeeze in some more studying time. For science and health care!)  We both wanted to do something simple; I decided on a loose glitter gradient and polka dots while she decided on wispy gold feather stamps.

For my look, I was inspired by the Korean nail art I saw on instagram. A lot of the manis were simple and refreshing, yet still cute. I used Sally Hansen Thinking of Blue (from the old Complete Salon Manicure line) as my base and Wet 'n Wild French White Creme (or was it Zoya Purity?) and my second smallest dotting tool for the polka dots. I applied a coat of top coat and then dumped a little of the loose, holographic star glitter that was from Daiso Japan onto my nails. The arms liked to stick out and kept scratching me, but the stars were so pretty!

My friend wanted to try out stamping so I had to practice on scratch paper before doing her nails. (Stamping is actually still a novel contraption even to me!) She ended up redoing her nails and stamping the feathers herself the next day, but over a peachy nude base. (Good, I didn't want her to go out with that horrible handiwork of mine!) However, I only have pictures of her first mani. For this look, I also used Sally Hansen Thinking of Blue for the base. I heard metallics worked well with stamping (which is true by the way) so I used Essie Good as Gold for the feathers. ...I think I should stamp more often so I can become a stamping master (much like Ash becoming a Pokemon master).

I really enjoyed the short hang-out with my good high school friends! Hopefully, we have time in our schedules to meet up again. :)

Thanks for looking! See you on the other side of the day!


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