Monday, June 11, 2012

Love & Beauty Green (Glitter)

Love & Beauty Green

Green is made of large, small, and fine hexagonal glitter in a clear base. Here it is shown with 1 coat over two coats of Love & Beauty Green (creme), which I swatched before here. I don't think it'll ever reach opacity on its own so it's best as a top coat. I found Green (glitter) was a bit hard to apply in that you need to dab the large hexagonal glitters onto your nails and, in the process, swamp them with the clear base. Because of that, Green takes a while to dry. I think the wait was worth it though as it's VERY pretty in real life. 

I'm getting into glitter polishes now~ I wasn't really before because of the difficulty with removing them, but I've since found a way remove them painlessly! What I do is a "variation" of the foil method: I don't use foil, but I do leave cotton balls (that are wet enough with nail polish remover so that the cotton balls stay in place) on my nails for around 30 seconds and then slowly, while rubbing them across the surface of my nails, remove them. However, I haven't tried this technique with glitter-packed polishes or foils...yet. ;)

And since I'm just getting into glitter polishes... Are there any that you guys think should be in everyone's collection? Please let me know! :)

See you guys on the other side of the day!

- M


  1. "Are there any that you guys think should be in everyone's collection?"

    Umm yeah. Electrify by China Glaze! You gotta try it!! :D You can borrow mine once school starts again haha. And then swatch it! ^_____^

  2. YESSS! One of the polishes that I've been lemming! Thanks!

  3. I have this and have found the same problems you have had. I am a sucker for green and glitzy tho'!