Friday, June 8, 2012

Sally Beauty Haul + Rescue Beauty Lounge Lemming

My Sally Beauty Haul

Face Secret Cosmetic Wedges with Vitamin E - They feel very soft and squishy, but definitely have structure to them. Can't wait to try them out for gradients, galaxy nails, and etc.! :D

Select-A-Style Wheel (Fruit Fimo) - This thing is so hard to spin! It gets stuck on certain areas of the wheel. Bleh! Already, I can see that some slices are not cut very well and missing some pieces.

Finger Paints Late Night Rendez-vous - A shimmery blue that appears to flash green and gold.

Sally Girl TTFN - A dusty mint-sage that is blue-toned.

Sally Girl Pink It Up - A pink coral.

*In-depth reviews of the cosmetic wedges and fruit fimos will come once I have a good idea of how they work.

I am honestly very disappointed with Sally Beauty Online. I ordered from the site believing I will be satisfied and because I don't have a Sally Beauty store even remotely near me. However... After two days of ordering, I was curious as to why I didn't receive an e-mail that my order had process and shipped. (Why only a couple of days? It's because that's how long it takes for my orders from other sites to process and ship.) On the third day or so, I received an e-mail saying my order was delayed. Alright, fine. At least they got my order and finally notified me. I got another e-mail a day later showing what and the quantity of what I purchased and notifying me that my order finally shipped. It wasn't until I received my package yesterday that I knew why my order was probably delayed: one of the polishes I ordered, Finger Paints Movie in the Park, was out of stock and Sally Beauty was probably scrambling to update the inventory. But what my real problem with Sally Beauty Online is this: my second e-mail did not say anything OUTRIGHT that the polish was out of stock and that I was getting my money back. Instead, they listed the polish as still on my order, but with quantity: 0 and total: $0.00. Granted, I was not carefully looking at the e-mail, but I did see the polish was still listed. I really think Sally Beauty should have e-mailed me in a separate e-mail (or, at the very least, in the same e-mail and before stating that my order was shipped) that it could not send me the polish because it was out of stock and that I would be refunded, instead of just implying it. 

This problem also occurred when I ordered a haul from ULTA online. However, they e-mailed me actually saying that Nicole by OPI Khloe Had a Little Lam-Lam (which I got the next time I ordered from ULTA) was out of stock, how they didn't have a backorder process at the time, and that I would not be charged for any missing items/pending holds. ULTA was very honest and up-front about it, which Sally Beauty was not at all. Bottom line is that I will probably not order from Sally Beauty online again (also because of the quality of some of the products). I will be sticking to ULTA online.

On a much happier note... My lemming for Rescue Beauty Lounge Jane has finally been FULFILLED!

Rescue Beauty Lounge Jane

Love the packaging and how Ji Baek (the owner and creator of the lovely, awesome, magnificent, etc. RBL polishes) put it as first-class mail! (No wonder shipping was more expensive than I was used to!) I can not wait to wear this gem!

If you want any RBL polishes from the Real Housewives of Tudor Dynasty collection, they are still online (brought back by the Vintage Bring-It-Back system). Anne, whose beginnings were from that collection, appears to be a part of RBL's core collection, but I'm not sure. However, even core collection polishes can be sold out. Act fast!

Well, that's that! I hope everyone has a good weekend!

See you guys on the other side of the day!

- M

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