Saturday, August 30, 2014

El Hielo


El hielo: (Spanish) noun. ice

I sponged Sally Hansen Barracuda onto the tips to create a gradient and then topped it off with China Glaze Fairy Dust to smooth the gradient out and add some pretty sparkles. After it was relatively dry, I carefully placed on some rhinestone decals from Daiso with the included cuticle stick. I used two coats of top coat over the decals to ensure they wouldn't pop off easily. I wore this mani for three or so days, but could have worn it for at least one week!

At Daiso, there are loooads of these rhinestone decals in various designs that can be used for either the nails or toes. Since there were only $1.50 each, I stocked up on a whole bunch. (Also, I don't go to Daiso very often... Only when I'm in the area. :( ) These decals are VERY good quality! The rhinestones don't get cloudy after one or two coats of top coat and remain shiny. I could still see some of the facets on the rhinestones! (The other loose, cheap rhinestones I usually use get very cloudy after I top-coat them.) As I mentioned above, the decal packets contain a cuticle stick to help remove and place the decals. I preferred using the slanted tip when removing the decals because the slant provides a resting place for them and helps you control their placement. The decals are a little delicate so it's best not to apply too much pressure when removing them from the plastic backing. The decals are just sticky enough to adhere well on the nail so they won't cling to your fingers. :) I definitely recommend these decals because they are worth every penny!

Thanks for looking! See you on the other side of the day! 



  1. How pretty and sparkly! Those rhinestones are nice.

  2. that looks soooo pretty. I wish I could do that too but I am so bad in doing my nails unfortunately