Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Polish Me Silly Grape Intentions


In its cold state:

In its warm state:

In its transition state:

Polish Me Silly Grape Intentions is a sheer magenta-to-purple jelly thermal with magenta and purple holographic glitter. I used 4 thin coats to  ensure that both its warm and cold states would be opaque. The transition between the cold and warm states was very quick so I had a hard time capturing them. The formula was thin and slightly watery and required dabbing and some fishing. I had to be careful while dabbing, lest I accidentally wipe the glitter off. Some of the pigment wasn't mixed so I had to vigorously shake the bottle. However, I was able to easily control the polish so I wouldn't say the formula was bad; it just needs to be spoiled. It dried quickly and bumpy so I still applied top coat.

Polish Me Silly was formerly known as Lush Lacquer. I purchased this Grape Intentions mini from their Etsy store. Minis (9 mL! :O ) retail for $6.50 while full-sized polishes (15 mL) retail for $10.50.

Thanks for looking! See you on the other side of the day!


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