Monday, February 25, 2013

Revlon Cloud + Essence Julia

For the next two weeks (with the exception of today), I'll be posting some of my indie polishes. I really loved them, and I hope you guys will too! :)

Revlon Cloud

Cloud is a pale periwinkle creme. 3 coats. I don't know why it was in my untrieds mountain for so long because it's such a pretty color! However, the formula left much to be desired. It was watery, but was neither thin nor thick. The first coat was a bit sheer; opacity built up with each additional coat. To top it all off, Cloud didn't level well either. However, I bought this about 2 or so years ago. I think Revlon might have improved the formula because my replacement for Jaded (also from the same Top Speed line) had a much better formula than my first one, which I bought at the same time as Cloud. I bought the replacement a week ago. Anyway, contrary to the fast-drying claim, Cloud dried in an average to slow length of time. It dried with a nice gloss.

Essence Julia

Julia is an enchanting mix of holographic silver small square and small and fine hex glitter. I layered 1 coat over Revlon Cloud. The combination was SO pretty and delicate! I didn't want to remove it, but I had to for swatching purposes. :( Anyway, the formula was really nice. Fishing for glitters wasn't necessary. I did have to dab a little though. It also dried slowly. As far as I know, the Essence Nail Art Glitter Toppers were never released in the U.S. I'm so lucky I got Julia from a blog sale! If I can find another bottle, I'll definitely purchase it. Julia is back-up worthy!

See you guys on the other side of the day!


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  1. So lucky you snagged one of those nail art twins!!! A few of them were on eBay, not this one though.... they were insanely priced. Beautiful.