Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Orly Glitz and Glamour

Orly Glitz & Glamour

Glitz & Glamour is a very shimmery, reflective flakie-foil yellow gold. I had a really fun time admiring it in the sun! :D I used 3 coats to make sure I covered up any patchy areas, but you can get away with 2 coats. The formula was really nice; I had no trouble applying Glitz & Glamour at all. However, it had a slow dry time. I purchased this to kill my OPI Goldeneye lemming. Judging from swatches online, Glitz & Glamour is a warmer and much denser gold flakie-foil. Spit & Polish has a really nice comparison post of the two polishes!

There won't be any more posts this week. :( I cut my nails too short so some of my fingertips feel a bit sore. I was hoping to swatch more of my untried polishes, but I guess it'll have to wait until next week!

See you guys on the other side of the day!



  1. Why did you cut your nails!? "Holy cow" is what I said when I saw this color. What a stunning gold!!

    1. I cut them because they were starting to get annoyingly long (long to me at least) and thin! :( Right?! It's so much prettier in real life!