Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Julep Maven February 2013 "Bombshell" Box with Add-Ons

Sort of a short review today! I'm up to my neck in untried polishes, but I'm still doing my best in reviewing them. (Also, my upper division science courses are having fun killing me right now.) For the most part, I was really happy with my "Bombshell" box and add-ons. Helen is a pretty color, but makes my hands look dead. Boo! :( I also prefer my holos to have a stronger linear effect to them, but to each her own! The subtleness makes them work-friendly, particularly Ginger. (She also looks great on!)

Julep Ginger

Ginger is a nude-beige with subtle linear holo, which becomes more apparent when dried. 2 coats. Very pigmented and had a great formula. I advise you not to use a regular basecoat because I found it was prone to dragging. But if you absolutely must use a basecoat, apply lightly. Nice dry time.

Julep Laura

Laura is an olive khaki creme. 2 coats, though the first was somewhat sheer. Ok formula: flowed on nicely, but was prone to dragging. Use a light hand to apply. Dries shiny, but slowly.

Julep Rebel

Rebel, the one named after Rebel Wilson (who starred as Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect), is a silver with subtle linear holo. Again, the holo is more apparent when dried. 2 coats. Formula was much like that of Ginger: pigmented, but can drag if not carefully applied and if a regular basecoat is used. Rebel's holo was more visible than Ginger's. In general, I find silver holos show off the holographic effect the best/easiest. Average dry time.

Julep Helen

Helen is a smoky lavender creme. It's a pretty color, but like I said, doesn't work for me. It'll probably look better on those with a darker skintone. 3 coats. The formula was creamy and a bit thick, but was still fairly easy to apply. Doesn't level out too well as streaks are still somewhat visible. Dried shiny, but slowly.

I still very much enjoy Julep Maven, and I think their customer service has been steadily improving. They always strive for customer satisfaction, even creating "Maven's Choice" boxes the past several times. As they're growing, they're also improving their products. Their brushes are now more of the flat type and the bottle caps click when fully fastened and have swatch stickers on them now. (The latter is pretty dumb though since you can't even swatch!) If you'd like a go, then please click on the "I'm a Classic With a Twist" button on the right side bar. It links to my referral link. (Also, please let me know if the code still works! Thank you!) There's no obligation, and you can cancel at any time. If you'd like to skip a month, make sure you log on and do so before the 20-24th day-of-every-month window closes! Mavens also get treats like the Secret Shop, discounts, and free shipping.

See you guys on the other side of the day!


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