Thursday, March 6, 2014

Paint Box Polish Little Bit Different


Paint Box Polish Little Bit Different, which is inspired by Luna Lovegood, is a mulitchrome that flashes blue, purple, red, and coppery yellow and has small blue flakies. Most of the time, it hovers between a blue and purple, with flashes of red running through. Only at extreme angles can you see the coppery gold. I, unfortunately, couldn't capture much of it on camera. I used 3 coats by itself, though I think 4 coats would be best because I could still see some patches at certain angles. (None of those patches showed up on camera though.) It had a nice, easy to control formula, but it got a bit goopy when I was going over patchy areas on the coat I was doing. When I was doing these swatches, I was doing it close to my face and noticed that it smelled a bit bad. I believe this might be because of the base. The dry time was average. I used one coat of top coat because it looked bumpy when it dried. It was not bumpy to the touch though.

I purchased Little Bit Different from Paint Box Polish's etsy shop. Unfortunately, it's out of stock. Be sure to follow her on facebook for restock info!

Thanks for looking! See you on the other side of the day!


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  1. How pretty! Its definitely a unique color :)