Wednesday, March 5, 2014

NailNation 3000 Amazeballs (Reform)


NailNation 3000 Amazeballs (Reform) is a neon purple with pink undertones and noticeable linear holo. Even in low light (because there was barely any sunlight when I swatched), I could see the holo flare! Normally, I prefer holos to have the strength of the Color Club holos, but I'm very enamored with Amazeballs (Reform). If the holo was stronger, then Amazeballs (Reform) wouldn't be the amazing, saturated neon holo it is. I did 2 coats, though it was very close to being a one-coater. It had a smooth, buttery formula that required no effort or clean up at all. The formula reminded me a lot of OPI's (though its huge brushes sometimes make me have to clean up around the cuticles), and that is really saying something because I think OPI has the best formula I have ever tried! (In my experience, the formula has always been consistent and practically self-applying.) Amazeballs (Reform) dried quickly and shiny.

I bought Amazeballs (Reform) on Gloss48 because it was sold out on NailNation 3000's shop at the time. I bought Amazeballs (Reform) at the same time that I bought Awesome Sauce (but from NailNation 3000's shop because it was in stock there). Staci was kind enough to refund me $2.00 on shipping! :D Be sure to follow NationNation 3000 on facebook for restock and other information!

Thanks for looking! See you on the other side of the day!