Thursday, March 13, 2014

NYC New York Color Matte Me Crazy


NYC New York Color Matte Me Crazy is a matte top coat that's easily accessible and cheap! I used 1 coat over Jordana Carnival after topping Carnival with Poshe Fast Dry Top Coat and waiting for it to dry a bit. I'm actually very pleased with the results - I didn't expect much because it was so cheap and not as popular as the Essie matte top coat in the blogging world. Matte Me Crazy had a good formula and dried quickly and to a smooth finish (though the fast-dry top coat could have also played a big part in smoothing out Carnival). The matte effect only took a few seconds to materialize. However, I did have to be careful of potential brushstrokes, which I minimized by applying Matte Me Crazy slowly and evenly. It can also have leveling problems if it's not applied carefully. I'm not sure how Matte Me Crazy will look on light-colored bases, but I do know that dark-colored bases tend to magnify any unevenness matte top coats make. The unevenness is shown more easily on my right hand (not shown because it's hard for me to photograph my dominant hand). I really like the contrast to the shiny glitters in Carnival that Matte Me Crazy provides. I will definitely take it out to play with more!

Thanks for looking! See you on the other side of the day!


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  1. This mattified looks so good! The glitters really pop off here :)