Monday, March 5, 2012

Back Again! + Mini Haul

I'm really sorry guys! I had 3 midterms and 1 lab exam all in the span of 3 days and now I'm finally free (on spring break)! Yay! But I didn't bring my DIY light box with me because it's too bulky and I have to study for a lab practical that's after I get back. Ugh.

I really hate leaving and returning erratically like this so I think I'll do a few posts here and there with various topics when I'm not posting up swatches. Everyone fair game? (I hope so...)

So the other day, I went to my local Rite Aid to see if it had any Sinful Colors polishes (like another one I go to more often), but couldn't find any. :( HOWEVER, I spotted one polish I've been lemming and some Sally Hansens that were 75% off!

#1- It is an olive green polish with gold shimmer. At some angles, I see some pink-orange duochrome in the bottle.

#2- It is an opaque dark blue. Very pretty; not quite dark and dusty enough to be navy in my opinion.

#3- It is green with light teal and pink duochrome in the bottle. The formula seems a bit thin and the polish might take 3 coats to become opaque.

Can anyone guess them? ;)

PS. I haven't updated you guys on the after picture of my Sally Hansen Strengthener trial because there was no clear/physical difference. The difference is in the strength/thickness of my nails. They aren't brittle anymore. :) I definitely recommend it!

See you guys on the other side of the day!

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