Friday, May 15, 2015

Class of 2015

The cap is actually black. Terrible lighting!

Though I officially graduate in Summer 2015 (*sobs* summer session!), today officially marks the end of 4 years of hell and hopelessness! I'm SO thrilled that I'm finally done with undergrad! I know most people love their college years, but they've been nothing, but misery for me. I won't miss these years at all! It's time for the next huge step in life.

In Fall 2015, I'll start on my Master of Science at my university's medical school. Yes, I'll become a graduate student! I was very lucky I decided to attend the info session for the master degree I ended up pursuing. I was doubly lucky that the school system still recognized me as a junior because that allowed me to apply for a progressive degree. (Class standing is formally based on credits one has fulfilled, not necessarily by one's age or the number of years in school.) My university's progress degree program allows undergraduates to be admitted early to one of its graduate school's master degree programs. Students must fulfill the appropriate course requirement before applying. Other requirements, such as the number of letters of recommendation and minimum GPA, are dependent on the master degree program. Anyway, I seriously didn't know what to do after summer school, though I knew I was going to continue researching with my PI, supervisor, and other undergraduate research assistants during the summer.. Was I going to apply for an internship or part-time job while studying for the GRE and applying to one or two master programs? I really thought I was pass the credit limit for the progressive degree programs. I'm already so excited for my next graduation ceremony! I'll get to wear the red hood that signifies that I'm a graduate student!

As for life after academia? Well, I'm thinking about working at my university in some capacity (hopefully, either as the program assistant for my progressive degree program since I'd love to give back and offer other students the same opportunity or at the medical school's hospital) and then going for another master degree there so I'll get free tuition. Or, God forbid, I'll go for a Ph. D... But it'll probably be too much academia for me.

OPI Samoan Sand and Zoya Gilty

Oh, I'm going to Seoul (South Korea), Hong Kong, and Macau for two weeks this summer! I'm so ecstatic for two reasons! One, I'm going with my mom and two aunts - my mom really wanted to do a sort of "mother-daughter" kind of trip. We invited my aunts to come along so it'll be more fun though.  Two, it's probably my last vacation before I earnestly start working and pursuing my life goals. And I have very big life goals. (I like to think I set myself up for failure, hey.) After this sort of "transition" period, I'm going to be a proper adult. (I use "adult" very loosely though. Because all adults know how "adult" we really are. A.k.a "I have no idea what I'm doing.")

I had a very wise general chemistry professor way back in freshman (!) year. He noticed that everyone was very tired and struggling not to fall asleep. (On top of general chemistry being such an important class, we loved the professor dearly. He was like a grandpa-figure to us.) He decided to stop lecture for a few minutes to give us a life lecture. He wanted us to realize what we were here for, what we wanted to do with our lives, what we hoped life would be later. He knew that some of us were only here to make our parents or others happy, some were here for a stable and high-paying career in the healthcare field, and others actually wanted to help people in need. He knew these were the reasons why we decided to sacrifice our whole lives for. But what about our own happiness?

"Life is terrible, and then we die."

So, do your best to be happy. Do what makes you happy.



  1. I'm so so SO proud of and excited for you! You're going to do such great things, I just know it <3 Congratulations on finishing this chapter of your life! Also, hooray for life lessons from Rodriguez ;-D lol

  2. Thank you SO much! :) I hope I will do great things once I figure out what I'm going to do with my life. Hahaha