Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Nail Polish Jewelry - Snow Drops

Today, I have another "Nail Polish Jewelry" post for you! I hate to admit it, but much like this blog, this series was on an unannounced hiatus. I don't think I will expand the series - it will end after I've posted all my nail polish rings. :( Midterms and stress have been beating my face lately. *very heavy sighing* I do expect to finish this series though!

If I recall correctly, I used Elevation Polish Jengish Chokusu and OPI Which is Witch? It turned out to be a very pretty combination! :D I gifted this to one of my high school friends when she came over during winter break. I named this "Snow Drops" because... Well, it reminded me of Elsa. (I made this waaay before Frozen came out though.)

Thanks for looking! See you on the other side of the day!


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