Thursday, February 20, 2014

JOBY Butterflies Nail Art Decals + Review


Last week, I used these pretty butterfly nail stickers to accompany OPI My Vampire is Buff. I waited for the base to dry before adhering the stickers. These butterfly stickers come in eight variations (I used six for my mani) with an iridescent glitter overlay on them and were of good quality. The butterfly wings were printed well and the color didn't melt off when I applied top coat. A couple butterflies didn't stick well so I had to push them down with my fingers and a pair of tweezers before applying two coats of top coat. For the stickers that stuck well, I only had to use one coat. It was my first time using nail stickers, and I thought they would be a breeze to apply. In actuality, I had a difficult time taking the stickers off the white backing. I tried using tweezers, but the stickers were delicate enough that I ended up tearing one a little. I found it easier to bend the white backing until one end of the sticker stuck out and then used tweezers to put it on my nail. These were relatively easy to maneuver, but you need to make sure not to press down on them too hard when you initially apply them or you can't change their positions. As shown, you can still somewhat see the clear lining of the stickers, which isn't as visible from a distance. I'm happy to report that the stickers lasted a whole week without any lifting and were easy to remove since they dissolved as I rubbed them off with regular nail polish remover. Despite the cons, I would still recommend these nail stickers! They are easy to apply (after a small learning curve) and make for super easy nail art. I purchased these nail decals from Overall Beauty.

Below are several pictures of the nail stickers before I used them.

Thanks for looking! See you on the other side of the day!



  1. What cute butterfly nail decals! Love the glitter they have on it too :)

  2. oh how cute! i love the sparkles on top!