Tuesday, July 14, 2015

ABC Challenge: B - Candy Lacquer Balloons in the Air + Wet 'n Wild Ebony Hates Chris


Candy Lacquer Balloons in the Air has fuchsia, turquoise, pale grey, white, pale pink, pale green, silver, and sky blue round, square, hex, and star holographic and matte glitters, along with scattered holographic microglitter, in a clear base. Oddly, the clear base now has a pink tint. It's probably from the fuchsia or pale pink glitter, but neither glitter looks faded. I used 1 coat over Wet 'n Wild Ebony Hates Chris. The formula was good and easy to control. Out of habit, I put the bottle upside-down before polishing so I didn't have problems getting out the glitter. It dried bumpy because of the glitter so I smoothed it out with top coat.

Wet 'n Wild Ebony Hates Chris is a black creme. Unlike many black cremes, this one had a blue base. I used 2 coats. The first coat was surprisingly pigmented! The formula was great as it was very easy to apply. No cleanup necessary either! :) It dried quickly (as true to claim) and shiny. No top coat.

Thanks for looking! See you on the other side of the day!


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