Tuesday, February 24, 2015

ABC Challenge: H - Chaos & Crocodiles Harmonious (Clear Edition)


Chaos & Crocodiles Harmonious (Clear Edition) has moon, star, diamond, flower, hex, butterfly, square, skinny bar, iridescent, and heart matte, neon, and translucent glitters, along with holo shimmer, in a clear base. It's a rainbow in a bottle! I used 1 coat over Sally Hansen Thinking of Blue so, unfortunately, it's hard to see some of the translucent glitters. I found it easiest to first apply a coat of small glitters and then fish out and dab on the large ones. It dried a bit bumpy so I used top coat to smooth it out.

I think Harmonious (Clear Edition) has been discontinued for a while now, but you can buy other Chaos & Crocodiles polishes from her shop.

Thanks for looking! See you on the other side of the day!


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