Thursday, October 23, 2014

Wet n Wild Blazed + Starrily King Midas


Wet 'n Wild Blazed (index and middle fingers) is a very bright, orange-leaning coral crelly, though it does have a slightly pink undertone. I used 4 thin coats. The formula was great as it was easy to apply and glided on smoothly. Surprisingly, it dried shiny, but I still used top coat. (Usually, neon-esque polishes dry satin or matte.)

Starrily King Midas (ring and pinky fingers) is a linear and scattered holographic gold glitter that can be used as a layering or full-coverage glitter. For this swatch, I decided to use it as a full-coverage glitter. It is GORGEOUS in person! I used 3 full coats with a dabbed fourth coat to fill in some small gaps. The formula was good. I was able to apply King Midas like a non-glitter polish and manipulate it easily. However, it did dry a little as I went along swatching it. I'll need to put in some thinner to restore the suspension base. It dried a little gritty so I used top coat, which doesn't damage the amazing holographic quality. :D

I purchased Starrily King Midas from Starrily's shop.

Thanks for looking! See you on the other side of the day!


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  1. That glittery gold is perfection! Goes so well with the coral too.