Saturday, November 24, 2012

Julep Gold Box

My family came up for a few days for Thanksgiving. We went to our relatives' house for a couple days and had a great break and feast. My brother and I got our very first food comas. (NOT fun!) Before we went to our relatives' house, my mom gave me an oddly-colored Julep box that was accidentally sent home, instead of the dorms. When I came back today, I got a better look at it... Turns out I won the Julep Gold Box!

Included were the 5 matte suede polishes (Minka, Amber, Hailee, Nora, and Brit), Trina, a matte topcoat, and the body scrub kit. I guess it was fate that I now have all the matte suedes (I didn't want any so I got the Maven's Choice box - Trina, a matte topcoat, and the body scrub kit - instead) and my roommate gets Trina (which she lusted over). Now onto the swatches of the matte suedes!

The following swatches have the polish without topcoat on the left and with topcoat on the right. Also, so sorry about the lighting. My camera decided to make some of the pictures show up yellow. Argh!

Minka, a reddish copper

Amber, a tarnished, antique gold

Hailee, a khaki green

Nora, a dusty eggplant

Brit, gunmetal

I liked all these matte suede polishes more than I thought I would! All polishes took 2 coats to become opaque. With the exception of Amber, the formula on all of them were very consistent. They had good formula, flowed easily, and dried quickly. You could immediately see the finish within a few seconds of applying the polishes. Amber, on the other hand, was a bit clumpy and I had to dab it a little onto a couple of my nails. You can see the clumping on my pinky best. As depicted, topcoat makes these polishes less silvery, shimmery, and pretty. I like all these shades, except for Minka. I'm just not fond of the color copper.

How was your Thanksgiving? (Or break, if you don't celebrate it.) What do you think of matte suedes?

See you guys on the other side of the day!


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