Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Ta-dah! Finally finished my light box! I got tired of waiting and trying to find someone who had tracing paper I could use so I bought a booklet of them (I originally didn't want to because it was a waste of tracing paper since I only needed 3 pages). I guess it's good though since I can use it as a replacement for tissue paper for gifts! :D I mean, a college student must be resourceful!

Unfortunately... I will not be able to swatch or do NOTD's because I have THREE midterms and one lab exam next week. Ooh. :( Not fun. All in one week, right before spring break. Very awful. I want to cry... Another thing is that I won't be bringing my light box back with me; it's too bulky and I don't want to make trouble for the people with whom I will carpool. Rest assured, I will think of some way to make it up to you guys! :)

See you guys on the other side of the day!

- M

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