Friday, March 4, 2016

My Picks for Spring

Bird mating calls. Bird mating calls everywhere! (But really though. I'm trying to sleep!) Anyway, when I think of spring, I think of dainty pastels and delicate cherry blossoms greeting the day with its fallen petals. Hence, a majority of my spring picks are light pinks. And how can I say no to such pretty colors?

Left to right in first photo:

Glitter Gal Wisteria // sheer pale lavender holo 
Love & Beauty Rose/Gold  // rose gold foil
Butter London Sprog // periwinkle creme
Nicole by OPI Kim-pletely in Love // pale pink with blue-green shimmer
Julep Shelly // bluish mint creme
Polished by KPT Camellia // clear to magenta thermal jelly
Revlon Pink Pineapple // pinky peach creme
Revlon Buttercup // pale yellow creme
Zoya Ginni // pink jelly with silver glitter texture - reminiscent of delicate cherry blossoms
Sally Hansen Drama Sheen // sheer pale lilac with red shimmer
Julep Paris // a mix of pale pink, gold, and silver holo glitter

Thanks for looking! See you on the other side of the day!


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